If your pregnancy test came back positive and you’re considering abortion, you may wonder if you really need an ultrasound. The answer is yes! Before deciding what to do next, an ultrasound will provide the answers you need to three important questions.

How Far Along Is Your Pregnancy?

How far along you are determines what kind of abortion procedure you are eligible for. The abortion pill (or medical abortion) is only available through the first 10 weeks of pregnancy, and abortion is only legal in the state of Massachusetts for pregnancies less than 24 weeks gestation.

An ultrasound allows measurements to be taken of the pregnancy to determine how far along you are. This is important to protect your health before deciding on an abortion procedure.

Is Your Pregnancy Viable?

Next, you’ll want to know if your pregnancy is viable (continuing to develop). It’s possible for your pregnancy test to come back positive but for you to miscarry naturally. The pregnancy test can still detect hCG (pregnancy hormone levels) if the miscarriage happened recently.

It’s estimated that nearly 20% of pregnancies end in early natural miscarriage. Different medical care is needed after a miscarriage, so an ultrasound is necessary to determine the next best steps.

Where Is Your Pregnancy Located?

Finally, an ultrasound will reveal where your pregnancy is located. Sometimes, the embryo implants somewhere outside of the uterus, most often in the fallopian tubes. These pregnancies are nonviable and are also life-threatening to the woman if untreated. Often, a different procedure is needed to treat an ectopic pregnancy, and early detection is key for your fertility and health.

Free Ultrasounds

We offer free, on-site ultrasound referrals so you can know for sure if you are pregnant and learn more about your pregnancy before making a decision. We offer same-day appointments, so contact us today to schedule yours.