Post-Abortion Support

Mental health effects after an abortion are not uncommon. Abortion is a serious medical procedure with risks and side effects, some momentary and some long-lasting. Each person reacts differently to abortion, and it’s essential to own and recognize any emotions you may feel due to your procedure.

Some mental effects of abortion could include depression, anxiety, or emotions like loss or grief. There are symptoms to be aware of that can help diagnose post-abortion trauma or stress, and care is available for any distress you experience.

The Mental Health Effects Of Abortion

According to the National Institute of Health, women with previous mental health issues who have an abortion, experience “elevated rates of mental illness” compared to women who haven’t had an abortion. 

Another study by the Task Force on Mental Health and Abortion concluded that “it is clear that some women do experience sadness, grief, and feelings of loss following termination of a pregnancy, and some experience clinically significant disorders, including depression and anxiety.”

Some women experience a range of emotions after an abortion. Here are symptoms of Post Abortion Stress that you could experience:

  • Generalized guilt
  • Generalized anxiety
  • Denial and repression
  • Depression
  • Regret and remorse
  • Flashbacks
  • Specific or generalized sense of grief and loss

Healing After An Abortion

You may not have expected to experience a wide range of emotions after your abortion. After all, the abortion industry talks about abortion as an empowering, liberating procedure.


We’ve designed our Post-Abortion Education program to bring healing and freedom to those experiencing various symptoms of Post-Abortion Stress. Our P.A.C.E. services are available to both men and women and are completely confidential. Our experienced client advocates have been where you are and are available to answer your questions one-on-one about abortion.

You don’t have to feel stuck in your emotions. Help is available, and you can begin your healing journey today.

Request a free and confidential appointment with us to learn more about the support we offer after abortion. You don’t have to walk this path alone. We’re here for you and offer the resources and support you need to step forward in wholeness.