Different Types of Adoption

Many women choose adoption because they aren’t ready to become parents but aren’t comfortable with abortion. If that’s you, or if you’re considering adoption for another reason, we can help you learn about all available options.

When it comes to adoption, there are three main plans to choose from, depending on what seems best for you: Open adoption, semi-open adoption, and closed adoption.

Open Adoption

An open adoption plan allows you to have an ongoing relationship with your child. You’ll be able to select the adoptive family and exchange contact information with them. You and the family will determine the level of relationship and type of communication.

Many open adoption plans allow for letters and phone calls to be exchanged and in-person visits from time to time.

An open plan is the most common type of adoption as it allows you the greatest flexibility. And you can remain part of your child’s life.

Semi-Open Adoption

In a semi-open adoption, you can choose the adoptive family for your child. You and the family can communicate with one another, but all communication goes through a third party, such as a lawyer or adoption agency.

You have the opportunity to remain in touch with your child while also maintaining some privacy.

Closed Adoption

Almost all adoptions in the United States were closed at one time. In a closed adoption, you and the adoptive family share no identifying information and do not communicate with one another. The courts seal the birth records, and you remain completely anonymous.

Making the Decision That’s Right for You

Placing your child for adoption is a courageous and difficult decision., Only you can decide if this is the best choice for you and your baby. You have the opportunity to choose one of many families who would be eager to care for, love, and raise your child as their own.

Call us today to schedule an appointment to discuss which option is best for you and your baby.