Have you been experiencing any of the following symptoms? You may be pregnant … or these may be signs of another complication. It’s important to take a pregnancy test to confirm a pregnancy. Not sure if your test result was accurate? We can help!

Common Pregnancy Symptoms

Missed Period

A missed period is first on the list because it’s the tell-tale symptom. While there are other reasons you could miss a period (high amounts of stress, for example), if everything else in your life seems normal, a missed period is a good indication you are probably pregnant.

Tender, Swollen Breasts

During pregnancy, your body goes through many changes. New, developing breast tissue is one of those changes that can make your breasts feel tender.

Food Aversions or Cravings

Surging hormones during pregnancy can impact your tastes, meaning you may crave some foods you never cared about and may have an aversion to foods you’ve previously loved.


Do you feel tired all the time? Fatigue is a normal symptom of early pregnancy, and it makes sense why that would be the case. Your body is working overtime to produce not only new hormones and breast tissue but also a developing embryo.


You may have heard of “morning sickness,” but did you know this nausea can hit at any hour of the day? While most common in the morning (primarily during the first trimester), it can also happen at other times.

Mood Swings

New hormones and countless other changes in your body all serve a purpose but also can take a toll on your emotions. This is a normal symptom of pregnancy; while the mood swings may feel unsettling, they are normal.

Free Pregnancy Testing

If you’re experiencing any or all of the above symptoms, it’s time to take a pregnancy test! We offer free pregnancy testing at our center, and if your test is positive, we offer free on-site ultrasound referrals so you can get the answers you need about your pregnancy.